Friday, November 6, 2015

The one that I didn't enter...

Hi Folks!
This week's prompt was "who's that knocking at the door?" So in typical overachiever fashion I cranked out three stories to play with. #1 you can read below, #2 I entered, and #3 I couldn't define the idea in just 42 words so I turned it into an entry in the Fiction/poetry grid of Yeah Write. 
Named "Homecoming". 

After writing this, I really couldn't throw my baby away, so here it is....


1253 West Elm Drive.
How many times have I been here?
Bringing her home, drunk or stoned.
I rap on the door.
Deep inside a dog barks.
But how do you say: "Your daughter's never coming home."?
"Who is it?"
"Officer Burton"

I hope you enjoyed it. I thought I was getting in a darkness rut, so I shelved this one in favor of one a little funnier.
Turns out it may have been a mistake, as there was very little love for our feline warrior Thomas. He came in a rather disappointing 3-way tie for 7th place. The winner (which I predicted) was amazingly well done and got one of my votes. Her blogger name is Cyn K and her story was "Dreams knocked Down", read it here.
Also, my Fiction/Poetry submission didn't make the grid, mainly due to some structural errors which I believe I've fixed. I'll try resubmitting for the weekend "Moonshine" grid. Wish me luck!

Be Well Folks!

Beastly Bear


  1. Personally, I like this one better than the one you entered. This is poignant and has a powerful backstory all in 42 words. Brilliantly executed.

    1. Thanks Kathy, maybe this just goes to show I should go with my first instinct.

  2. I'm going to be typing these words A LOT here.. Another great piece Joe! What can I say? I just love your writing. You are an amazing story teller...

  3. Many thanks Karen! I'm glad somebody likes it... ;-)