Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Good Omen: Chapter 1

John Omen came fully awake.
There it was again...damn cat, knocking things over in the middle of the night. Just one of the many reasons he'd never had one! Besides, he was a dog guy. But when your girlfriend has a week-long conference in Vegas and begs you to watch it for her, you watch the damn cat!  A big, black, long-haired monster of a cat! Larger than most small dogs! He hadn't seen it since she dropped it off. But the food dish emptied and the litter box filled. For the past five nights, it had busied itself clearing shelves, tipping things over and, in general making all manner of disconcerting noises. Every morning he spent putting his living room back together. Ugh, like he needed this...he needed to be in court at 8 am. for God's sake.
 As one of the lead officers of the DPD's drug enforcement task force, he'd been instrumental in bringing down one of Detroit's biggest meth/cocaine rings. That made a lot of people angry. Hell, according to word on the street, there was even a price on his head of 250K. You try to sleep thinking about that, then add the damn cat. He gathered the sheet around himself and rolled over, right into a 20 lb. purring ball of black fur!
 FUR?!? If the cat was on the bed, then...SHIT!
He was off the bed and had his gun out of the bio-safe and into his hand in an instant. He was a bigger guy, but when your ass is on the line, you can move with surprising speed. The door to the bedroom was closed; that gave him a little time. The windows were blacked out, in his line of work you slept when you could, and he needed it dark. Another point in his favor. He had almost made it to the door when the sound of the latch turning diverted him to the hinge side. He'd be behind whoever entered. The door opened quietly, just enough for a body to slip through. The only light on in the whole apartment was the light above the stove. What little light it did cast, threw a giant's shadow briefly across the wall. Before the door closed silently.
It was black again. He heard soft steps glide across the carpet towards the bed. He sidestepped towards the light switch. He had night sights on his house gun, an FN Herstal FNX45 Tactical. The problem was he couldn't see his target. He could see the sight's faint green glow as he raised the pistol towards the figure he heard more than saw by the bed. He cursed himself for not adding a tactical light under the barrel. His hand found the switch for the overhead light as the sights leveled out. He took a breath...and flicked off the safety as he hit the switch.
 The light was blinding as he brought his right hand up to support his left. He tightened the pressure on the trigger as the figure came into focus...
"God Dammit Gina!!! I almost shot you!!!"
Standing before him, completely nude, was Gina McKinnen Attorney at Law, all five foot, two inches of her.
Her tanned and toned body looked amazing, even in the stark light from above. Perky breasts, not overly large. Topped by pinkish brown nipples stiffened by the whirring a/c.
"What the Hell were you thinking?" He asked, lowering the gun.
"I wanted to surprise you," she said, wide-eyed. "I guess I did..."
"Jesus Christ hon, you can't DO that!!!
"But I missed you; I got done early and caught a redeye home. I planned on waking you up with some mind blowing sex. I even got undressed in the other room so I wouldn't wake you!"
She said, slinking her way towards him, hips rolling. She laid a hand on his chest, stroking the hair there.
"My God, your heart is that me?" She asked looking up at him.
"If by 'you,' you mean did you scare the shit out of me? Then yes...that's you!" He grumbled.
She reached her other hand up to the back of his neck to run her fingers through his hair as she pressed against him.
"Don't be mad. I promise, never again" she purred as she pulled him down for a kiss, fingers tightening in his hair.
He lost himself in the kiss as she ground against him, and nothing else seemed to matter. She broke the kiss and stood on tip-toes to reach his ear, taking the lobe between her teeth and tugging. She slid the hand from his chest down inside his boxers and wrapped her hand around him.
"If some part of you," She whispered breathlessly, releasing his ear. "is not inside some part of me in the next two minutes I may just scream!"
He wrapped his arm around her slender waist as her lips found his mouth again and lifted her to him. She wrapped her legs around him as he walked her to the bed. Laying his weapon on the nightstand, he gently lowered her back on the bed.
He bent over her, to kiss her again. As he did so, she pulled her legs up and hooked the big toe of each foot in the waistband of his boxers. She deftly slid them from his hips, pulling them out and over his erection.
"The girl has skills..." He thought.
Then she pulled him into her, and he couldn't think of anything at all.

At 6 am the alarm clock drug him back from the world of dreams. Gina was still asleep, so he padded naked into the bathroom to start his day. First things first he thought, I need a hot shower. He stepped into the steaming streams and caught a faint hint of her perfume, light and seductive, before reaching for the soap. Stepping from the shower, he wrapped the towel around his waist. It barely fit; he'd have to do something about that. A quick shave, and a brush of his teeth before running a comb through his receding hairline. Deodorant and a splash of Tom Ford Oud Wood cologne, a gift from Gina. At almost $100 an ounce, it was too pricey for him on a cop's salary. He did have to admit, it smelled damn good!
 Gina greeted him with a cup of tea and a kiss as he came back into the bedroom.
The guys at the precinct had always given him grief for drinking tea and not coffee.
"Tea is a chick's drink." They'd say
"Nobody has ever mistaken me for a chick." He'd reply.

"So today's the day huh?" she asked as she stretched out on the bed once again.
"Yeah, Cronenburg figures he can wrap my testimony up in a day...maybe two," He answered as he started dressing.

Roger Cronenburg, Assistant District Attorney on the rise! By all accounts, the DA's job would be his for the taking when the current DA retired next year. He'd fought hard to draw the Gallardo case, my case, and to put these guys away.
Don Santo Gallardo, a Mexican national, had ruthlessly pushed out the old school gangs. In a series of shootings, bombings, and, at least, one beheading before enough was enough. He had a stranglehold on the cocaine business. When Meth cut into his bottom line, he cut into that business too. Making his base of operations on Detroit's Southwest side, "MexicanTown" to the locals.
He attended Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church every Sunday. Sent his kids to Cesar Chavez Academy, and appeared to be a pillar of the community. But Don Santo had an Achilles heel, a fondness for tall, blonde-haired blue-eyed white girls. Something in short supply in Mexicantown!

"You want me to come?" She was laying on her stomach now,
her feet kicking in the air, watching him.
"Don't you have to work?" He asked, adjusting his tie.
"I told you last night; I finished early. Remember? I'm not expected back until Friday...I'm all yours until then."
"To be honest, I don't remember much after turning on the light and finding you naked in my room!"
He replied with a crooked grin.
"Good," She said smugly, "exactly as it should be..."


  1. I like what I've read so far and want to see how it turns out.

    1. Thank you Michelle, that means a lot! Especially coming from you!!!

  2. The scene where he almost shot her had me excited!

    1. Thanks LaissezFaire, I appreciate you reading!

  3. There's got to be some catch in that last line. Can't wait to read further

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read Ruby, and comment!

  4. This needs to go on and on and on! I supposed I'll be patiently waiting like everyone else here! :D